The untold truth of Michele Morrone 365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen TOP secret FACTS...

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Hey my friend in this video we talking about (8 untold truth things of Michele Morrone from 365 Days).

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If you haven't heard of Michele Morrone yet, then you better watch the Netflix movie 365 Days as soon as possible. In the Polish erotic thriller, the Italian hunk plays Massimo, a Sicilian mobster who kidnaps Laura, a Polish woman, while she is on vacation in Italy with her uncaring boyfriend. Massimo tells Laura he saw her on a beach five years ago, and since then, he hasn't stopped thinking of her. So, he keeps her as his prisoner for one year (hence the movie's title) until she falls in love with him. More than a little problematic, no?

1-Is Michele Morrone dating his '365 Days' co-star Anna-Maria Sieklucka?

Michele Morrone's chemistry with his co-star, Anna-Maria Sieklucka, is off the charts in the movie 365 Days, which premiered on Netflix in June 2020. So much so, fans insisted the movie stars weren't faking it while they were intimate on-screen. "It seems like real because we are good actors," Morrone said in an Instagram Live video in April 2020. "It wasn't real. I know that many people write me that, 'Oh my god, it was real!' ... But at the same time, it wasn't real. That's impossible."

2- Michele Morrone went through a tough divorce.

Michele Morrone may be our new Netflix crush at the moment, but he almost left acting behind after his divorce from his ex-wife, Rouba Saadeh, a Lebanese fashion designer who founded Le Paradis Des Fous. "A year and a half ago, I was about to leave everything, I didn't want to act anymore," he wrote in February 2020

3-Michele Morrone has other talents besides acting.
A man with multiple talents? Sign us up, please! Michele Morrone captivated viewers when he appeared in Netflix's hit movie 365 Days in June 2020, but the actor dabbles in other hobbies, too, including painting and singing. Morrone's album, Dark Room, dropped in February 2020 — on Valentine's Day, to be exact — and some of the tunes were used throughout the film. For example, "Hard for Me" was the movie's opening song, "Watch Me Burn" played during the shower scene, and "Feel It" was heard at the end of the film, per Marie Claire.
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4-The scandalous foreign thriller that's taking over Netflix.

We might be living at a time in which every (mostly unknown) title listed under Netflix's top 10 is befuddling to the streaming service's users at best, but that doesn't mean those titles aren't still courting controversy. For the latest example of this, look no further than 365 dni, an Eastern European "erotic-thriller" that critics have overwhelmingly compared to the 50 Shades of Grey franchise since its June 2020 Netflix debut. (And considering how much bad press 50 Shades of Grey has gotten over the years, that's saying something.)

5-The premise of '365 dni' is stirring up serious controversy

Since its Netflix release, major media outlets have deemed 365 dni an erotic film that goes beyond titillation. Decider called the flick "the closest thing to porn on Netflix," citing one scene alone that will most likely make the term "boat tryst" a whole meme unto itself. Based on the first book in a trilogy by Polish author Blanka Lipińska, 365 dni's appeal at first blush might be the series of "sexcapades" within the film's one-hour-and-56-minute run-time, but its apparent treatment of Stockholm syndrome — a psychological condition in which hostages develop feelings of allegiance to their captors — is what both critics and viewers have chosen to zero in on.

6-Critics compare '365 dni' to 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

365 dni has generated a lot of comparisons to the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. The former may also branch out into its own multi-flick series (if you go by the twist ending, that is), but critics have caught on to a number of controversial themes present in both movies.

7-Behind-the-scenes details about '365 dni'.

Now that you've heard critics' thoughts, it's only fair to get into the more general nuts and bolts of this Polish erotica — especially considering that, according to the Polish news outlet Onet, plans are in the works for a sequel, though filming has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

8-Is Netflix's '365 dni' worth watching? One cinematographer says yes

While critics have been quick to point out the way 365 dni plays fast and loose with power differentials and consent, one of the main players involved in the film's production relayed utter bafflement by this reception.
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